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'How do I view my photos?'

All of the portraits will also be put into your own secure online gallery for you to view at your leisure. guests, friends and family are all welcome to view and purchase goods in your gallery. To access your gallery go to the client page and enter your email address (and password), which will be given to you before your wedding day.

'What is a pre-register gallery?'

Before your wedding you and your guests can register your email address in your gallery area. Once your gallery open everyone registered previously will receive an email to notify them that the gallery is open. 

'How long is the gallery open?'

Every gallery is open for 10 months, starting from when the gallery is launched. The gallery start and end date is written underneath. If you wish to extend your gallery please notify Little Lightbox 3 weeks before the gallery finishes. 

'Can my gallery have a password?'

Yes, please inform me that you wish for a gallery password before your gallery is launched. You or myself can choose your password. All of the passwords are in capital letters. Little Lightbox only hand out the password to the customer it is down to the customer to hand out the password to who they wish.

'How to pay by Direct Debit in your gallery?'

We take payment by Direct Debit or PayPal at the end of your checkout process. 

Video: paying by Direct Debit

  1. Checkout
  2. Enter your delivery details
  3. Click Place order with PayPal
  4. 'Redirected you to PayPal'
  5. Direct Debit Tab 
  6. Enter your card detail
  7. Click Pay
'How do I recieve my image/photo number?'

All image numbers are within your gallery. Click on the photo and at the top above the photo is the image number. For example LITTLELIGHTBOX001-16.JPG

example little lightbox customer gallery
'How do I know when the order is completed?' 

You will receive an email through from Little Lightbox confirming the order details with an order number.