Why use a professional wedding photographer?

Professional photography takes years to learn and gain experience in. Here is a few points as to why a professional photography is a true artistic still.

1. Pro lighting

Professional lighting is expensive to buy, lighting makes a huge difference to the portraits creating, smoothness and depth to the image. This takes plenty of experience and knowledge to know how and what lighting to use in different situations.

2. Camera

Can't win a car race with an old vehicle, the same is with a camera. You get what you pay for and you need to know how to use it. No point having a Bentley car if you haven't pass your test. The same thing is with a camera, it takes years to get to understand pro camera's and lens.

3. Photo Software

Taking the photo is half the process, using pro editing computer software to make the most out of the image. Keeping up today with the latest software and knowing how to use it. Behind the sense I spend hours/day editing your portraits, smoothing skin, and highlighting .... etc

4. Me / Photographer

Photographic eye as they call it, you either have it or you don't. Call it the XFactor if you wish for photographers and knowing when to take the photo, being quick and how to position people. Takes time, experience, creativity & photographic XFactor.


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