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We asked Rachel, Little Lightbox photographer a few random questions .....

1, What is your favourite food?

Sushi, have it as a treat now and again.

2, Your most watched film?

Love chick flicks and it has to be Pretty Woman

3, What is your proudest accomplishment?

It has to be receiving my black belt in Karate, the exam was tough and took 6 hours to complete.

4, How long have you been a photographer?

Lucky to say +15 years now and still counting

5, If you could have a superhero power what would it be?

So many to choose from, flying would be cool.

6, Are you a dog or cat person?

Toughie, I adore animals but if I had to choose I would say dogs.

7, When have you been most afraid?

When I came face to face with a wild black bear in America. I was extremely lucky as I did not alarm the bear and manage to find safety within a cabin.

8, Why did you decide on the name Little Lightbox?

When searching for a name I wanted something memorable but not cheesy.

Then I thought to the beginning of photography where the camera is a plain box with a hole in and so the idea of Lightbox started but I wanted people to grasp the idea that I am small business and so was born the little in Little Lightbox.


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