How to make your wedding day less stressful?

Here are few of my tips and tricks in how to keep your stress level to a low when planning your wedding.

1. Book a wedding planner?


Find a wedding planner, someone to suit your taste and needs. Allow the professionals deal with stress. Hot tip read Facebook Page reviews and comments, it is the best way to hear what other customers think.


Cost, a good wedding planner and wedding contacts comes with a price tag but you may be lucky and come across someone new in the industry looking to grow their business who maybe handing out discounted prices.


If your a local wedding planner please feel free to add your website link below for Little Lightbox fans to see.

2. Go for a wedding package offer?


Many wedding venues are offering fantastic wedding packages, call around your ideal venues and ask for information on their wedding packages.


It takes time to do your research but will decrease your stress levels later on.

Wedding Venue Links

3. Visit a wedding fair?


Local wedding fairs have a wide range of suppliers under one roof. It is a fab way to meet suppliers and ask directly any of your questions. There is a huge range of wedding fairs today so do your research before to find ones which suits your style and taste.

Please email for information on when Little Lightbox is attending the wedding fairs.


Most wedding fairs are on Sundays 11am - 3pm but look on wedding fair websites to find out more information

Wedding Fair Links

This Blog was written by Rachel, Little Lightbox wedding photographer.

If you are interested in a wedding photographer

click here

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