Help, I'm going to a wedding fayre!

It can be daunting looking around a wedding fayre for the first time.

Here are some easy tips to get the most out of your wedding fayre.

1. Go with someone

Having a family member, your partner or friend to tag along with you for extra support will make you feel more comfortable. It is alway great idea for a extra pair of eyes to help you to make the right decision. Most important of all enjoy the day and a laugh.

2. location

Search for a wedding fayre location near to your home or wedding venue is a fab way to meet and support your local businesses. Suppliers normally work within the same area, they may have previously worked with your wedding venue.

3. Research

Looking before hand on line for a wedding fayre to your style will save you a huge amount of time. You maybe surprised at the variety of wedding fayres out their, vintage, fairy tail to the traditional. Taking a few minuets to find wedding fayre to suit you can save a wasted journey.

Wedding Fayre Links

4. Humm, what should I ask?

Ii can be frustrating when you arrive back home and think, how much was the deposit?

My tip is to prepare a basic list of questions to ask on the day, think of all the information you will need and write it all down. I would limit it to 5 questions which you could ask to several different suppliers.

Here a list of question previous customer have asked me

What are your wedding photography packages?

How long have you been a photographer?

How do I book?

How do I receive the photos?

How can my family and friends see the images?

5. Hand outs, yes please

Collect business cards, leaflets and ask the supplier your questions, make notes on the hand outs is always great refer to afterwards. Take a bag along with you to store the leaflets, booklets and your notes in. Don't worry if you forget a bag, normally suppliers hand out a goodie bag on the day.

I love a wedding fayre it is a great day, meeting new customers, other businesses and tasting some yummy treats.

If your interested in knowing when Little Lightbox wedding fayres are click here.


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