Popular Hen Party Games - Part 2

The party is planned, the invites have been sent and the squad are ready for a fabulous weekend. Now all you need to ensure is that you have a fun-filled weekend of full-on silliness.

We’ve pulled together some of our favourite games which you can play throughout the weekend.

1.Mr & Mrs

This takes some organisation, but you can’t go without it. Ahead of the hen party, you need to speak to the groom-to-be, and ask him a list of questions. Things like – how did you meet, what’s her favourite colour, who wears the trousers in your relationship, who makes the best roast dinner – fun questions that they should know about each other. It’s always good to throw in a couple of curveballs, as it will provide you hysterics when you get to the next part. Then, on the hen party, you can ask the bride her answers to the questions, and see if they match up.

Top Top: Videoing the grooms answers can make for an even more hilarious game.

2.On The Hunt

A classic game, and great for some team bonding – is a treasure hunt. It gives you the perfect ice breaker, as hens can work in teams to find a list of items, either throughout the day, or during an evening – they must share proof of everything, you can either ask them to collect the items, or bring you a photo.

Top Tip: You could give the winning team a nice bottle of prosecco, with the loosing team winning a bottle of something cheap and nasty. It makes for some great comradery.

3. Hen Party Bingo

This can be an utterly brilliant way to create some memories of your evening out on the town. Come up with some likely (or unlikely scenarios) that the hens have to tick off a list – things like “get a photo with a groom on their stag do” and “get someone to buy you a drink” or anything more personalised to your group – the first person to do everything on the list wins a prize (or a shot!).

Top Tip: Pair people up for this game so that they can document the night with photos of each of their bingo hits.

4. Toilet Roll Dress Up

If you’ve been to a hen party and not played this game, then you’re very much missing out. You will need to prep for this before the party. Buy a bulk of toilet roll (the cheap stuff is fine!) and rolls of tape. Each team needs to be given the same amount of each item – you decide how much. The teams have 5 minutes to design & make a wedding dress – someone on the team will need to be the model. The bride-to-be gets to decide which is her favourite design. Will they add a headpiece or some flowers? Can they make a pair of shoes? It may even look like her actual wedding dress, although you may not know what that is!

Top Tip: Want to make this extra fun? Get some more customisable items like glitter and ribbon – the ideas are endless.

5. Guess the Baby

You’ll need some help from the hens for this one. Ask each hen to bring along a picture of them as a baby (or send it to you in advance). The bride-to-be (or you can play along in teams) guesses who each photo belongs to. It’s amazing how similar some of you will look to when you were small!

Top Tip: Make sure you speak to the bride’s parents, or future husband to get a cracking baby photo of her. Will she even be able to pick out herself?

Got an idea for a topic you’d like me to cover? Send me an email and we may cover it in a future post!

Author: Cheltenham Foodie - Louise Paige

Designed: Little Lightbox - Rachel Jenkins

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