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Jpeg photographs are ordered and purchased online through your client gallery.


You are able to purchase and download the jpeg from the gallery straight to your computer. We recommend that you copy and save an extra copy in a different location. The jpeg can be used for personal use-more information below.



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What is a Jpeg?

A Jpeg is a type of computer file. We have digital photographs which you can download straight to your computer. No need for USB sticks or CDs, we will send you an email linked to your photographs ready to download

How do I purchase a Jpeg?

Go into your online gallery, enter your password and click on the image you would like as a jpeg. Click on checkout, click on digital media, add jpeg to checkout or all jpegs to check. Proceed through checkout (top left) and make payment. Once the payment has gone through, Little Lightbox will send you an email with your jpeg image. Download the image from your email.

How do I download the photo/s?

All the jpegs files are sent to you via email. They are downloaded straight from your email.

What can the Jpegs be used for?

Little Lightbox gives you the right to use your photographs as you wish You are able to add them for personal use, including sharing on social media or printing images at your chosen venue. More information is available in your online gallery.

Should I make a backup the Jpeg file?

Yes, it is down to the customer to save extra back up file/s of the photographs. We will delete the files after a period of time to create more space for other customers and it is the customer responsibility to download, save and keep the jpeg secure and safe location.  

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